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Fixed cd \ut<tab> does no longer work?

I just updated to build 33 from inside tcc, with option->updates->check.
Now, it seems to me that tab completion has a strange behaviour if I use it with the leading \.
For example, I am in the root of C: drive.
I have a directory called utility and a file called autoexec.bat.
If I type "cd ut<tab>" it works, it shows the complete name.
If I type "cd \ut<tab>" it beeps.
If I type "type au<tab>" it works.
If I type "type \au<tab>" it shows names of files that come from other directories, such as "\cmdcons\autochk.exe".
If I type "type \boo<tab>" it works.
In options, the extended directory search level is 0, and the path is empty.
I have no plugins and no alias for cd.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Fixed in 13.01.34 (already uploaded).

This wasn't new to 13.01.33; it's been there a while as part of the "wildcards in directory names" in v13 (so it didn't affect TCC/LE, which doesn't include that feature). It was reading past the end of the buffer, so it depended on what random text was in the next few bytes.

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