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Change folder TCC starts in

Hello -

I am using Take Command v. 15 in Windows 7. I cannot find any way of changing the folder given at the prompt when Take Command starts. There seem to be both a TCMD.INI file and also TCSTART.BAT file can be made. I tried making a TCSTART.BAT file and putting "cd C:\myfolder" in it, with no effect. I would have thought this would be simple.


John Sampson
How are you starting Take Command? Through an icon? If so, right-click on the icon and select Properties; then check out the "Start in" field (on the Shortcut tab).

I don't know why TCSTART isn't working for you, but that probably isn't the best place to change directories. TCSTART is run every time TCC starts, including transient and pipe shells.... (Also remember that CD only changes the current directory, not the current drive.)
How do you start TCC.EXE? If you start it with a desktop shortcut, it has a "directory" option, which you can modify with TCC's own SHORTCUT command (it actually rebuilds the .LNK file), or the UIstaff plugin's MKSC command (which can just modify that one item). If you start it by having programmed a tab in TCMD, it also has a dialog entry to specify TCC's start directory. Using TCC's own START command has the /D option. The start directory has to be passed to Windows before it starts TCC. TCSTART is too late, TCC is already running. Furthermore, if TCC is run in a pipe, nearly always you want it to start in the same directory as the left side of the pipe, not switch to a specific one.

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