Change in scrput behaviour

Jul 1, 2008
Running v17.00.52. Consider the command "scrput %_row 27 bri yel on bla %cel". In previous versions, the command worked as expected even if the variable %cel was empty or undefined. In v17 an empty/undefined variable triggers an error. Adding `` at the end of the command is a workaround
Jul 1, 2008
V17 tightened up on a number of previously ignored errors. Is there a reason you want to run a SCRPUT that doesn't actually do anything?
No reason other than convenience. The line is taken from a btm file that reads records from a CSV file. Some of its records have empty fields, but I can't predict which. I'll work around it.
Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
I think that you should be able to solve the problem simply by changing the command

scrput %_row 27 bri yel on bla %cel​


if "%cel" NE "" scrput %_row 27 bri yel on bla %cel​
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