How to? Change TCMD tab font size in window menu

Oct 18, 2009
How do I change the font size for the tab labels in TCMD? I tried Options > Styles > Font and set that to Extra Large, but when I close and re-open TCMD it's back to the small type.
There isn't any way to change the tab label font size inside TCMD. The Options->Styles->Font menu entry changes the TCMD ribbon & menu font.

The tab label font *could* be changed, but (1) it requires a fair bit of additional code and (2) nobody's ever asked for it.

Or you could change your default Windows system font / size, which is what TCMD is using.
When I pick the size it does change. But it doesn't stay changed.

Maybe there's a miscommunication. I'm talking about Home Edit View ... Help. I called them "tabs" because when I hover over one it changes to a tab shape.

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