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Changes to Keyboard Settings Not Being Saved

I have been setting up TakeCommand version 25 on a new computer. I bring up "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" and change some keyboard settings. They work fine. However, the next time I boot the computer (or even shut down and restart TCMD), the settings are forgotten. I don't remember this happening before. Am I forgetting something required to save the new settings?
Charles, thanks for that suggestion. It seems to have worked. I had wondered if TCMD was not being allowed to update the file in which that information is stored, but I (1) thought that there would have been an error message and (2) I didn't think of how to solve that problem.

Assuming that this did permanently solve the problem, it begs the question of why this was not happening with other computers on which I have installed TCMD over the many years (unless, as would not totally surprise me, this is exactly what happened when I first did the installation, and I have simply forgotten how I solved it).
Then I'm guessing you have a permissions issue. I'm pretty sure that stuff goes in the registry, not a file. Probably under HKCU\Software\JP Software\Take Command 25, although I'm not certain about that part.
This is almost always a Windows policy / permissions setting that is blocking you from writing to the registry. This is common on corporate systems, but can also happen with some aggressive AV apps.

What happens in this instance is that Windows will temporarily cache the write but it's discarded on a restart. (So Windows is not returning an error, and TCMD has no knowledge of what happened.)
My new computer does seem to be having problems with permissions. Another program I installed also exhibited this issue. It worked the first time after I copied files into a directory from my old computer, but it no longer worked after a reboot. When I went into "Properties" for the directory, the permissions were messed up. I've gotten things working by opening TCC in admin mode, creating a new directory, copying in all the files, deleting the original directory, and renaming the new one. Then the security settings looked reasonable.

What do you mean by "aggressive AV apps"?
Take Command used to write to HKLM in the registry; Vista and later versions of Windows started blocking that for security. Take Command switched to HKCU, which works on most systems, but might also be blocked depending on your Windows Policy settings, or in the case of a few AV apps who intercept the API calls to block the writes. (If it's Windows itself doing this because of policy, the writes will be cached and everything looks good until a restart.)

Is this on a corporate or a personal (home) system?

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