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Fixed character set in dir/copy

In 14.02.43 if you write
dir "d:\tmp\project[0-9]*"
or you use the filespec with copy:
copy "d:\tmp\project[0-9]*" d:\test\

then the command hangs (doing nothing right after showing the DIR header incl hd serial) right, and you have to click the close button as it doesn't respond to ctrl-c,ctrl-break.

I had to revert to x.42 because of the bug, and that one says and does what it should, i.e list/copy the files if they matches.

It seems like [0-9] is the offender, because if I remove that from the statement it runs as it should. It seems the path in the example can be any path as my original used C:\Users\...etc, but the above does the same.
In 14.02.43 if you write
dir "d:\tmp\project[0-9]*"
then the command hangs
I see the same here. I have drive D:, a data partition on my hd. It hangs if I have or have not the tmp directory, and if I have or have not project files or directories. If I try on a non existing drive, I get an error message, as expected. I did not test in build 42. This issue is also in TCC LE 13.05.67.
While I was testing this issue, by mistake I pasted the wrong line, and I had the same result (hang).
The wrong and without meaning line was
"[QUOTE] In 14.02.43 if you write"
I had to use the code trick otherwise the quote part would have been used as an instruction.
I report it here only because it might mean that the "[" and "]" are guilty.

Thank You and regards

Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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