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"Check for update" removed in v14. Why?

"Check for update" was silently removed in v14. Why?

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Don't know why the tab in the OPTION dialog was removed, but OPTION /U still works.

(Later:) And it's probably not a question of whether versions still matter, but whether TCC/LE still matters. It's a very useful utility, but if you define "mattering" as bringing in money or business for JP Software, then I suspect it never mattered....
Don't know why the tab in the OPTION dialog was removed, but OPTION /U still works.

It all works here, OPTION /U and the dialog.

I'm chiming in upon the idea that TCC/LE is useless or does not bring in revenue.

I am very glad TCC/LE exists. It goes on machines around my workplace which would not be legal for my license. It allows me to avoid the shocking deficiencies and bizarre behavior of cmd.exe. It allows me to create scripts for others to use in an engineering lab which are a convenience, much more readable (and possible) than if they targeted cmd.exe. It has been my hope that they would help those to whom I have proselytized TC and TCC to see that the tool is, in fact, something that makes scripting a reasonable task. (So does powershell, for a certain class of users.)

I appreciate that it is the poor cousin of the licensed program, and unworthy of similar maintenance effort. But seeing it brought up to date with bug fixes is a welcome development, and encourages me to continue my proselytizing via TCC/LE.
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