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"Check for Updates" appears to be checking for old version

Currently running 25.0.24 on Windows 10. I had previously been running the latest version of 20. When I installed version 25, I left 20 installed temporarily while I confirmed all of my scripts worked. Version 20 is now uninstalled.

I recently noticed that when I do a "Check for Updates", it says "Your software is up to date", despite the fact that 25.0.27 is now available. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the title of the dialog box says "Take Command 20".

Weird. Is there some leftover registry entry that's confusing the update check?

UPDATE: Manually installing 25.0.27 appears to have resolved the issue (based on the dialog now showing "Take Command 25"). I'll find out for sure once the next build drops.
I'm going to guess that, after upgrading, you copied over your old TCMD.INI file with a command like
copy d:\oldver\*.ini
and, in the process, you not only brought over your old TCMD.INI, you also clobbered UPDATER.INI with an old copy.
Certainly possible. I didn't blindly copy over everything (i.e. avoided any conflicting files), but I may have copied things over before running the updater, hence UPDATER.INI may not have yet existed.

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