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Chilean earthquake

This is just a shout out to mfarah; hoping you're doing fine after yesterday's earthquake.
The earthquake (an 8.2 strong one) was in the north of the country - Iquique is ~1600km (~1000 miles) from Santiago, where I live. I first learned of the earthquake by watching the news on TV.

There's been moderate damages in the Iquique area, but nothing to worry about too much. This is pretty much business as usual for my country. The emergency services acted properly this time around, proof that our previous government took emergency readiness seriously, to avoid a repeat of the 2010 earthquake's aftermath, which was a complete fiasco for our previous-previous government and... ok, enough with politics.

Anyway, my friends on California were complaining last week because of a 5.1 quake - *I* don't get off bed for such a small thing! (hell, we don't even call those "earthquakes" - they're just "tremors" here).

So, yeah, I'm fine. Thank you. :-)