| ---Quote (Originally by Charles Dye)---
|| The startup message is omitted if you load the plugin in a transient
|| or pipe shell.
---End Quote---
| Ah. Now I understand. I couldn't figure out why some of my
| %@EXECSTR[] calls hadn't failed! Excellent, Charles.

But it adds to the TCC sign-on message. In the past I had captured that
message and obtained information from it. I don't do it at present, don't
even look at it, but I may need to resurrect some of that old code.
Okay, you can now define an environment variable NOLOADMSG which will also suppress the startup message. (Of course, you must define the variable before loading the plugin. If the .DLL is autoloaded from your PlugIns directory, that means you have to set the variable in the parent shell, or create a system variable.)

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