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.chm help for TCMD 20

If you use FireFox, you can create your own TCMD 20 .CHM file that works with the older Microsoft HTML Help.

This works for me on Windows 7 64-bit.

This DOES NOT create a pretty .CHM file, but it allows you to use the Ctrl-F search keys on a help page.

You need a few FireFox add-ons, and the Microsoft HTML Help 1.4 Compiler.

After installing the add-ons, go to the [title] site, and save the site to a depth of at least 1.


Once you have the web site, or just a part of the web site, saved to your system using Scrapbook, you can then create the .CHM file using the Scrapbook Chm Creator.

(Make sure that you have the Help Compiler installed first, and the paths correctly set.)


Note that you can create .chm help files for any web site, not just JPSoft.

For example, [title] is a great reference tool for the command line. I have used FireFox and the Scrapbook add-ons to create a .chm file of that site, so that I do not have to reference it via my web browser any more.

Yes, if a site gets updated, I have to use Scrapbook to save the website (or part of) to my system again, and re-create the .chm file, but it's not that much of a chore to do so.


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