Clam AV False Positives

Jan 1, 2009
Just wanted to report that Clam AV on my NAS is reporting false positives on my old Take Command install packages, in case anyone cares. :-) Didn't see anywhere else to put it, so here we go.
Log file excerpt follows:
LogLastScanTime = 2018/07/05 02:00:02
AntivirusEngine = ClamAV
.../Take Command/tcmd17x64.exe: Win.Malware.Tinba-6596692-0 FOUND
.../Take Command/tcmd18x64.exe: Win.Malware.Tinba-6596692-0 FOUND
.../Take Command/tcmd19x64.exe: Win.Malware.Tinba-6596692-0 FOUND
----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 6563627
Engine version: 0.99.3
Scanned directories: ###
Scanned files: ###
Infected files: 3
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