Clover.exe - Add tabbed browsing & bookmarks to Explorer

Oct 18, 2009
Clover is a free Windows Explorer / File Manager add-on that adds multi-tab functionality to Windows Explorer, similar to your web browser, allowing you to open multiple folders within the same window, folder bookmarks and more.

Website: Clover Brings Chrome-Style Tabs to Windows Explorer. | 易捷科技 EJIE Technology


The installer is in Chinese but the add-on runs in English. Run the installer and click the large ellipse in the center to do the install. A numeric progress indicator will display. It hangs at 93% for about 45 seconds but will continue.

Keyboard shortcuts are supported. Simply use Ctrl + T to open the page, Ctrl + W to close the page, and Ctrl + Tab to switch pages. Right-click on any folder and you can open it in a new window. Clover adds a small bar across the top as well with File, Computer, and View. These give you quick access to many Windows applications including command prompt, settings and more.

When you open Explorer, for a few seconds it will pop up full screen and look like "regular" Explorer but then it will switch.

One thing I don't like is that once Clover is installed, you can't open multiple Explorer copies--every time you open Explorer it will just add a tab. So if you need two Explorer windows simultaneously, this won't work. You can't "trick" it by copying explorer.exe to a new name. Also, there is no "open in new window" or "move to new window" option.