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Coerce DOS programs to handle LFN

I noticed a message not long ago from someone using the DOS version of Brief, which does not handle Windows Long Filenames (LFN).

I am interested in this topic, since I will occasionally use the DOS version of Multi-Edit Professional, which is also not LFN aware.

I have started work on a batch "wrapper" for ME7.EXE, which allows me to specify a LFN on the command line. If the file exists, the script converts it to SFN and passes it to Multi-Edit. If the file is new, the script tells the user and opens ME7 on a new file. In either case, when Multi-Edit exits, the original LFN entered at the command prompt is restored to its former identity, and not left as FOO~1.TXT or whatever is compatible with the 8.3 world. The wrapper sorta works, but is not entirely complete yet.

I am wondering if anyone else has written such "wrapper" scripts in TakeCmd or 4NT batch language, such that they can essentially maintain LFN functionality without the inner program itself needing to be LFN-aware? If so, can you share it with us or point to it on the Net? Thanks.

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