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Declined COLORDIR extension to handle 24-bit colors.

I would like to have the COLORDIR functionality to take advantange of the 24-bit colors in the latest Window's ANSI handling. In addition to the extant syntax (stuff like "system: bright black; hidden: bri blu; txt css: cyan; html htm: gre; …"), there could be an RGB-based one, where the foreground color (and, optionally, the background color as well) is specified as a group of three hex values. The example above could become something like this:

system: #808080; hidden: #0000a0 on #606060; txt: #00ffff; css: #00d0d0; html: #00ff00; htm: #00ff00 on #cc0000;

This would allow using different shades of the same color (txt vs. css above), flag "unwanted" extensions (htm above) and many other visually useful indicators.
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