Colors in tcmd (one more try)

Dec 24, 2008
In older versions of tcmd - when you specified a color (ex. color white on blue and then cls) The whole window would turn blue. Now - all that turns the background color is where there is text present. The rest of the screen is still black & looks bleh.

Is there a way to turn the full background a specific color? or do I just live with black. (see pic)



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May 14, 2008
> Is there a way to turn the full background a specific color?

Take Command is always going to display the colors used by the underlying
console. If you're running a console app that doesn't set its own colors,
you can set the default TCMD window colors in the "Options / Configure Take
Command / Tabs" dialog.

Any console app that *does* set its own colors will override the default
TCMD colors, so you need to change the background color in the console --
either by changing the default console properties (if you want it to affect
all console apps), or by setting the colors in the TCC OPTION dialog (if you
only want to affect TCC).

Rex Conn
JP Software
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