COM Interface


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May 14, 2008
COM Interface

TCC has the plugin command, allowing you to write your own internal variables, variable functions, and internal commands.

If TCC had a COM interface, this would allow the use of commands and functions from other COM Servers.

Example COM Servers are Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Internet Explorer, MS Outlook, etc.

I can presently access COM Servers via .VBS files, interfacing to TCC with the SCRIPT command.

Maybe, for example;

set thevalue = COM(Object, "Function", param1, param2, ...)

In one of the COM Servers I created, it would be used as;

set thevalue = COM(JLCUtils.cMath, "PricePerPound", 4.39)

This would set thevalue equal to 1.9931

At present, I use this .VBS file to do this;

set jlc = WScript.CreateObject("JLCUtils.cmath")
if wscript.arguments.count > 0 then
wscript.echo jlc.PricePerPound(wscript.arguments(0))
wscript.echo "Usage: ppp.vbs 4.39"
end if
WScript.DisconnectObject jlc
set jlc=Nothing

Joe Caverly on February 12, 2012 19:44