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Command completion and PATH

The documentation for command completion says:

Filename completion will search the PATH for an executable filename if you have set the Search Path option in the Command Line configuration tab, and you are :
(1)at the beginning of the command line, and
(2)there are no matching entries in the current directory, and
(3)the name you are attempting to match doesn't contain a full or partial path specification.
If all three conditions are met, filename completion will return the first matching executable found in the PATH.

However this does not appear to be what happens in TCC 15.01.52.

If I have Search Path enabled and I type in
cd ra<tab>

I get
cd Radiology
and if I hit <tab> again I get
cd C:\Windows\system32\rasautou.exe

1. I expect cd to be limited to directories by default, but I can fix that
2. I don't expect the PATH to be used for a filename not at the beginning of the command line per the documentation
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