Command execution slows down in TCC Prompt after a while

Aug 26, 2020
I am running TCC 25.00.30 x64 on windows 10 and have a problem with TCC slowing down significantly almost to a crawl after many commands are run. I have long running build scripts cmake and makefiles. They start out fast but I come back to them after an hour and they are running slow. Each line of output is exceedingly slow (several second per line) and it doesn't matter if its a compile command or a simple copy command. when they end any new commands I type in the window - even simple ones like "dir" take a long time to execute. the display output is like one line per second for a directory listing of 10 files.

The only solution is to close the TCC window and restart it. Then all commands are fast again but again slow down again eventually if a lot are run.

I tried "clear buffer" but that does not help as I think it has something to do with the scroll buffer getting full. this is happening on every machine I have TCC installed on.

Any ideas of what it could be? Is there an option somewhere that I am missing.
Is this in a Windows console or a Take Command tab window?

If you're running TCC in a Windows console, Windows is handling all of the display output. The only thing that TCC could be doing to slow down output is if you have logging enabled (especially output logging).
its a tcc tabbed window. Output logging is not enabled - actually no logging is enabled
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after detaching the tab it appears to be back to normal speed in its own console window. the screen buffer size is 5000 rows. new tabs in the TCC prompt are slow (once it slows down) again the only way to get the tcc prompt fast again is to restart it
I'm unable to reproduce any problems here (even after scrolling several million lines).

Try a "CLS /C" (which will clear the screen buffer and restart at the beginning) and see if that makes a difference.

And what does the TCMD status bar show for the cpu & memory usage?
I was able to determine that this slowdown happens over remote desktop sessions. I suspect it has something to do with the RD protocol. It occurs with all RD sessions both on my local LAN and WAN so I don't think its a bandwidth issue. I am doing more testing now to verify - hopefully this may help to diagnose. I am trying to determine if its a legitimate slowdown and not just a display issue over RD.

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