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Command history search is off

I did this:

v:\> history /f"*"

v:\> do i=1 to 20 ( history /a echo %i )

Then I opened the history pop-up and typed "ec" in the search box and scrolled down to "echo 5" and pressed Enter.


I got this:


It's not just off by 1. Before simplifying the experiment I saw it off by a lot.

You don't have to empty your history to see this. Just open the pop-up, type something in the search box that will have several matches, scroll to one of the matches, press Enter, and see if you get what you asked for. Chances are you won't even get one that matches the search criterion.
Is this related to the problem described here? Directory History Window with wildcard search

If so --
This is *very* old code -- turns out Microsoft changed one of the multiple-selection listbox messages at some point in the last few years, which resulted in the first Enter selecting (and disabling) the first line in the listbox. A second enter then returned an empty string.

I have fixed this for the next build.
When[if] there is a next build. :smile:
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TCC  26.02.42 x64   Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18363.1139]

This has been a problem for me with the @SELECT function for many months now.

What caught my eye in your post was "The system cannot find the path specified" error message.

I get this quite frequently and randomly, but cannot duplicate it.

That is, I run my .BTM containing @SELECT, it gives the error, I up-arrow and run the .BTM again, and it works as it should.


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