Command Line Selection Not Working

May 2, 2013
When I try to use selection key combinations - such as Shift-Home, Shift-arrow key, etc. - to select existing text on a command line, the tab title changes from 'TCC Prompt' to 'Select TCC Prompt' but I can't actually select any text. I am able to select text using the mouse. Is there some setting that I need to change in the options? I have looked but haven't found anything that looks relevant.

I am running TCC 22.00.25 on a Dell XPS 15, Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update installed, but I had the same problem with TCC 21 before the most recent Windows 10 update as well.

Thanks in advance.
May 30, 2008
Try disabling the "Extended text selection keys" in the Windows console options.
May 2, 2013
This is in tcmd.exe, a tabbed window. The tab name changes when I try to select text, I just can't actually select the text.

I'm not able to find the "Extended text selection keys" option - is it in the Take Command or TCC options dialog?
May 2, 2013
Ahhh, "Windows console" as in cmd.exe, not a setting within Take Command. Run cmd.exe, right-click within the window, and click Properties to get to that option. That solved the problem, thank you, I would never have guessed to look there.
May 2, 2013
I am having the same problem again, but this time unchecking (or re-checking) "Extended text selection keys" in the Windows console properties makes no difference. Are there any other possible solutions?
Aug 9, 2009
TCC 24.02.49 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.239]

text | set menu=%@select[con:,41,2,51,60, Simple Menu]


echo %menu

nothing is returned what have I missed
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