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Compare folder trees

I have recently done a OS reload so thought of a nice routine ans wondering if someone has something along these lines already please?

CmpTrees.btm C:\* I:\

the routine would transverse the folder tree matching C:\* and would produce log files for:
- files that were not on I: in the same folder w/the same name
- ones that did exist on I:\
- compare CRC32s
- compare file dates and times

and make the log files appear in the subfolder of where CmpDelTrees.btm is, and be formatted so one could just call

DEL /a: @LOGs\filelist.log
Thanks "the other Charles" - will look at the docs and try it out....
I have come up with the attached CmprTrees.btm - not tested yet.......


  • CmprTrees.btm
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