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Component Object Model

A suggestion for v12.

TCC allows access to the Component Object Model (COM) via the SCRIPT, RUBY, etc. commands.

For example, if I want to access a function from a COM dll, created via VB5, I can call the following RUBY code;

require 'win32ole'
jlc = WIN32OLE.new('JLCUtils.cmath')
puts jlc.PricePerPound(ARGV[0])
from TCC as follows;

set jlc=%@execstr[ruby jlc.rb 4.39]
Using Microsoft PowerShell, I can run the following;

$ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
to extract the text from an HTTP document.

Having the ability to access the Component Object Model directly from the TCC prompt would eliminate the need to gain access to an Object via RUBY, PowerShell, etc.

I realize that TCC has been extended to allow calling functions from DLLs via @WINAPI, and to access Windows Management Instrumentation via @WMI, but an interface to the Component Object Model, or which is sometimes referred to as OLE Automation, would be an added benefit.

This is an addendum to my original request for V12.

If possible, could the PLUGIN command be extended to allow the use of Component Object Model DLLs, in addition to standard DLLs?

I'm not a C programmer, and I feel that the days of Delphi 2.0 being able to run in anything above Windows XP are drawing to a close.

I've looked at FreePascal as a replacement, but as my main development tools have been Visual Basic 5.0 and PowerBASIC, I would prefer to use these tools to develop PLUGINs for use with TCC. Both of these products create COM DLLs.

The COM DLLs I've created work great within TCC, but I have to use VBScript or Ruby or PowerShell to utilize them.

While having access to the internals of TCC from a standard DLL via the Plugin SDK is great, being able to have access to the internals of TCC from a COM DLL would be bonus.

If this is not feasible, then my original request of being able to utilize COM DLLs from the TCC command line, without the use of VBSCript or Ruby or PowerShell, would be great.

Will TCC ever have the ability to utilize COM objects?

It would be great if I could utilize, for example, Microsoft.XMLDOM directly from TCC, instead of VBScript.