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Fixed Configure TCMD/TCC Tabbed toolbar buttons not persistant

V17.00.53 x64 Windows 7

Using "more commands...." > "commands" tab > "options" to add a TCMD configuration button to an existing tabbed toolbar containing a TCC configuration button isn't persistant between TCMD sessions.

The TCMD configuration button doesn't stick if the TCC configuration tab is already on the Tabbed toolbar. It appears that the 1st button defined between these two configuration menus is persistent between TCMD restarts.

This is also true for V16. The above report refers to the commands tab of the Customize popup which allows the addition of buttons to a Tabbed toolbar tab (drag and drop), such as options to "Configure Take Command...", "Configure TCC..." and others.

I am aware these items are available using the Ribbon, but when I am trying out various TCC/TCMD configuration items buttons on the Tabbed Toolbar are easier and quicker, thus the attempt to add both a configure TCMD and configure TCC button to a tabbed toolbar tab.

Further testing demonstrates that if the Configure TCMD button is on a toolbar tab and I add Configure TCC -> save to .ini files -> close TCMD. When TCMD is restarted the Configure TCC button has replaced the Configure TCMD button.

Rex --
If there are mutually exclusive buttons then it would be a good idea to augment the help. Perhaps examples are appropriate in this case. Ideally the user would be unable to drag and drop mutually exclusive buttons from any of the available options on the More Commands... -> Customize pop-up.

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