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How to? Confused about TCMD.INIs


I am a little confused about the TCMD.INI config files. So, I have decided to check these - this is the result ...


... so, I have different TCMD.INIs for different users, which is good. In this way, I have also the possibility to have "logs per user" etc. - instead of ONE in "c:\ProgramData\JP Software\Take Command x64 18.0\" ...

Just: Is this the right place for USER TCMD.INI? Or would it better in "c:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\JPSoft\"?

Then: what is with the third one in this directory (created probably while installing the new v18.x):


The files are empty (except the Byte Order Mark (BOM)). Can I delete this directory?

Kind regards
IMO it's unlikely that most systems will have multiple users, and the ones that do will usually not need multiple TCMD.INI's. For the ones that do, I suspect the @... command line argument will be the easiest way to handle it.

TCMD will look for a @tcmd.ini command line argument first, then in the ...\appdata\local\jpsoft directory (for backwards compatibility), then in the "\programdata\jp software\take command x64 18.0" directory (the default location when creating a new TCMD.INI). I moved the default to \programdata because it's easier to find.

Like TCMD.INI, you can specify a new default location for log files if you want.

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