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Rex Clark wrote:
| Is there a way to force a particular console size. i.e. 145 columns x
| 59 rows

Presumably you are referring to stand-alone TCC session.

There are several methods. If it is to be done just once, or if it is to be
remembered as the default, select the TCC icon in the upper right corner (or
press alt-space), select P (properties), select Layout tab, and modify the
buffer and window width and height. When you close the pull-down menu (e.g.
by selecting OK), you will be given the choice of just modifying the current
window, or to make the new size the default.

Another method is to use the WINDOW command; this requires recalculating the
sizes as pixels. To assist this you can determine the current size and
position, in pixels, via %@WINPOS[%_WINTITLE], and the current screen size
via %_columns and %_rows. Some arithmetic will then allow you to specify
determine the values to be used in the WINDOW /POS= command.

Another method is to use the MODE.COM system program; this may or may not
HTH, Steve

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