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"copy" command crashes

Hello — this was unexpected — I just ripped cd’s to FLAC on one computer — no issue, then copied the files to a usb drive so I can move them to the computer I have my music on plugged in the USB and issue

copy /g /s e:\rips j:\<target>

After a few files were copy, tcc crashed and restated

there was nothing special about the FLAC files the copy worked using xcopy ---- the only issue here is that this is the free version of tccle V14.9

I was able to extract info from the event log — would that be any help? Thanks
This is not a solution to your problem with copy and TCC/LE v14.00.9, but another option to try.

Install TCC-RT and run your command via TCC/LE v14.00.9

Create an alias in TCC/LE v14.00.9;
[C:\Program Files (x86)\JPSoft\TCCLE14]eset tccrt
tccrt="C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCC_RT_29\tcc.exe" /Q /C %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Call your copy command from TCC/LE v14.00.9. An example;
[R:\]tccrt copy test.txt test.txt:results.txt
R:\test.txt => R:\test.txt:results.txt
     1 file copied

This will allow you to run TCC-RT v29 commands from TCC/LE v14.00.9

If you want a semi-interactive TCC-RT v29 to use from TCC/LE v14.00.9,
create a REPL <(Click link for .btm code)

I guess that tccle 14.9 for the part is dead --- what is weird about this, it is only happing on one of my computers --- I am wondering now if is a hardware issue -- in the case where tcc crashed, the drives were usb drives

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