How to? Copy to clipboard on select


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May 14, 2008
is it possible to copy the selection automatically to clipboard? if not i would like to see this feature in 14 since its in the cooking : )
It's already there -- Configure Take Command / Advanced / Linux-style selection.

(There won't be any additional new features in v14.0; it's long past that point.)
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Feb 15, 2016
Cool! Wanted that for a while. Except ... I think it moved :(

So checking the help file:
This dialog, available from the Options menu in Take Command, contains four pages or "tabs" of options that let you change the way Take Command looks and works.
Ok, I got a little confused, as I saw 9 tabs. Then, I realized I was in TCC, not TC. However, I was reading the help file from TCC. So, that probably needs some clarification.

In any event, I was going nuts as I couldn't find this option. So, I went into TC, configured the option, and then found TCC also started doing copy to clipboard on mouse release.

Nice! Now I won't consistently keep hitting 'enter' in my putty sessions :0

Still, should there be a way to change this from TCC?

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