copy /w suggestion

If I run
copy /a: /e /f /g /md /nr /s /u /v /w "*" c:\Testing\somesite\
then decide I want to exclude some files by adding

/[! exclude.some.file ]
where exclude.some.file would already exist somewhere under c:\Testing\somesite\ it would be nice if there was a way for the copy to delete the exclude.some.file if it exists at the desination folder tree. Maybe adding a modifier to the /w ?


Jul 6, 2008
You only want this option to apply to the copy command?

Just to expand on this idea, I think it could even be of more general use if this (delete from destination) option was somehow part of the ranges syntax, thus usable with more than just the copy command; for example, SYNC, COPYDIR, MOVE, & perhaps DIR, RD.

Might be to dangerous. Just thinking "out loud". :banghead: