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May 14, 2008
Copy with Backup Versions

I suggest a Switch to the COPY command like /CBV = CreateBackupVersion,
which will check:
If the target exist AND a copy would be made than /like checkable with /E),
the processor will create a separate version with an version number: fspec_[01].ext
If this (or any) version already exist, it will be count to (or check) the highest existing
version number and create a new, till the maximum of [99] or by a Ini-Key or by
a optional switch :-))
End if

COYP [/CBV [max.Number] [formatstring/scheme of Version numbering : (xx) or #xx ]

If this max. version exist,
bring a message (Overwrite Y/N) or use the default behaviour:
always overwrite/not overwrite with message...
End if

Meanwhile I've made a very complex BTM-File that will do the jobs for me, but the counting
(and checking) could be faster.

Peter Murschall

Peter Murschall on February 01, 2012 06:53

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