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Copying and mouse

Two questions:

1. Ctrl-Shift Insert does not work in my TC-LE evaluation version. Configuring to Linux-style allows a workaround, but it still riles me. I suspect Microsoft Keyboard, as I have some reassignments for it (such as capslock for ctrl); is there anything in TC itself (reassign the keys some more??) that I could do to make shift-ctrl work as it should?

2. Mouse does not place cursor anyplace on the command line.

Neither of these two problems occur in my ancient TC/32, Ver 2.0.

May I say here that I have been using TC since the days of Desqview and then OS/2 and cannot imagine being without? :)
Even though I am using it only at a very basic level, with a few aliases and such. The old ver.2 is really all I need, but the LE has a couple features I like and JPsoft deserves the support - but I still would like to figure out the above, hopefully before the 10 days remaining in the evaluation period run out.
Thanks and regards Emil Kucera
[FOX] Ultimate Translator