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Copying descriptions in DESCRIPT.ION

The What's New for version 15 mentions that it "supports copying descriptions in DESCRIPT.ION when copying / dragging / dropping files in the Folder & List View windows."

However, I can't get any descriptions to copy over using DESCRIPT.ION descriptions. Is there a configuration flag for this I need to turn on, or is it just not working yet in the 15.00.18 build?

Sorry didn't see your reply until now.

  1. Run TC 15.0 release (5.1.2600).
  2. Click Options/Configure Take Command/Advanced
  3. Confirm "Enable Descriptions" is checked and "NTFS Descriptions" is unchecked.
  4. Click OK.
  5. At TCC prompt: cdd c:\temp2\
  6. At TCC prompt: describe Ditto.exe "test description"
  7. At TCC prompt: type DESCRIPT.ION
  8. Verify DESCRIPT.ION contains "Ditto.exe" test description 2
  9. Verify Ditto.exe shows description correctly in List View
  10. Drag Ditto.exe in List View into directory "temp3" in Folders
  11. Click c:\temp3 in Folders
  12. Ditto.exe in c:\temp3 now exists but shows no description in List View
  13. At TCC prompt: cdd c:\temp3\
  14. At TCC prompt: type DESCRIPT.ION
  15. Descript.ion does not exist.
I'm running the 32-bit version on Windows XP, if that helps.

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