Corruption from FFIND?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I issue:
ffind /e"." /m /s c:\windows\system32\*.log

The first few files returned are OK.

But then it finds

That's a rather odd file, being a mixture of binary, ASCII, and Unicode. The one (?) line printed goes on for, apparently, a little more that 4096 characters.

The next file found has this name:

The rest of the files found have similarly corrupted named. When I get back to the prompt, the prompt itself is corrupted, as well as much other output.
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
This is probably the same thing you've reported before - you've got an ANSI sequence in one of your binary files.
I can understand that corrupting my prompt. But how would it corrupt other output, like that (last pic above) of SET and WHICH?
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Probably because you're changing the character set (ESC N or ESC O). See your numerous previous messages on the same subject.

Indeed! After things are fouled up, I can set it straight again with
echo ^e(B
Dec 29, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Ah HA!

Something similar happened to me a few weeks back, but I didn't remember the details of what I had done so I couldn't reproduce it. It didn't happen again, so, while mystifying, it fell "off my radar."

Mystery solved!
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