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Ctrl-C handling while piping

Discussion in 'Support' started by Stephen Howe, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Stephen Howe

    Jun 7, 2008
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    This is not a problem as I have checked it out.
    But I thought I would run it past TCC/4NT experts

    There is a command line version of WinZIP called wzzip and wzunzip that I use. And they do support paging of results. Nevertheless, if I do

    WZZIP -vb B200201??.S??.ZIP | MORE

    then I see results per page. Both are Win32 console programs.

    (i) If I do Ctrl-Break at a --More-- prompt, it quits and I am back to a TCC prompt
    (ii) If I do Ctrl-C at a --More-- prompt, nothing happens and at that point it is impossible to recover, it never quits and a subsequent Ctrl-Break does nothing. It is locked solid and only terminating the process recovers.

    I have tested this under CMD.EXE and it does exactly the same thing, Ctrl-Break is fine and Ctrl-C is not. So TCC is in good company :)

    As said, it is not a problem as Ctrl-Break is available.
    Has anyone seen this or can shed more information?


    Stephen Howe

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