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Ctrl-C Not Working Reliably to Copy Screen Content

Using Ctrl-C to copy screen content to the clipboard seems to work reliably when the text is all on one line, but I find that it frequently fails when the text spans multiple lines. When I press Ctrl-C, the text remains selected, and the character is passed to the command line. This is unfortunate, because this is a new feature of version 17 that I really like. Many times in the past, out of habit from other programs, I would try to use Ctrl-C to copy screen text to the clipboard, and it always failed.

-- Jay
I have not been able to make it happen again (I think even in build 50). I'm wondering if it had something to do with the duplicate tab issue that I reported elsewhere. I routinely used my Alt-N keystroke command to create new tabs. (I have now associated Alt-N with the "New Tab" item in the "File" category instead of the "Tabs" category.)
I should have added in the previous post that I have only one monitor.

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