Ctrl-Home/End don't work in Win10

Jun 16, 2009
TCC 22.0.37 on Win10x64 1709 and Win7x64.

I've never run into a command-line keyboard problem with TCC before; I had to research how it even works.

I have both TCC18 and TCC22 installed on a Win7x64 VM. Ctrl-Home/Ctrl-End both work to delete to beginning/end of line. (As they have back time immemorial.)

I have TCC22 newly installed on a Win10x64 (1709) VM on the same physical machine, and Ctrl-Home/End don't work, i.e. they don't do anything, nothing happens.
I haven't found any other command-line keys that don't work. There are no entries in the .INI file for DelToEnd or DelToBeginning; I tried adding them, but it didn't make any difference. (I removed them after testing.)

Is something in Win10 possibly interfering with that command sequence? Has anyone else had issues with Win10 1709?
May 30, 2008
Open a console window in Windows 10 and check Properties from its system menu.

You probably want to disable the "Enable Ctrl-key shortcuts". The "Extended text selection" option might also be bothersome with TCC use.
Jun 16, 2009
Perfect, thank you @nikbackm. I never would have found that. Every day I find something new to hate about Windows 10… (Enable Ctrl-key shortcuts was checked by default, Extended text wasn't.)
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