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Fixed Ctrl+Shift+Insert repeats last character

TCC 14.00.27 Windows XP Pro SP3

when running in Take Command 14.00.27:

Use mouse with shift to highlight (select) text on one line (e.g., a file name) in the TCC window:

Then use CTRL+SHIFT+INSERT to copy and paste that text into the current command line.

The inserted text has the last character of the selected range duplicated.

Ex., FOO.TXT becomes FOO.TXTT .

This also happens if the text is copied first (CTRL+INSERT) and then pasted (SHIFT+INSERT).

It does NOT happen if the text is pasted into another application.

Text copied from other applications pasted into the TCC window also have the last character duplicated.

This did not happen in build 25 (I skipped build 26, so I don't know about that).
More information. It has nothing to do with the copy operation in TCC or anywhere.

Copy a simple text string from any application.

Paste it into ANY console program running under Take Command 14.00.27 and the last character is repeated.
I verified this with pasting into TCC, CMD, Python, PowerShell, and DCL Lite. All have the last character repeated.

Clearly, this is a Take Command bug, but not a TCC bug.
Wonder if it's a side effect of the fix for the long text paste WinAPI workaround.

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