Ctrl-T and Ctrl-Shift-T

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
In another thread, Rex said:
Apparently you've defined it yourself -- there is no default key combo in TCMD to create a new tab.

The 15.01.47 help says, in "TC keyboard Shortcuts",
Ctrl-T    Open a new tab
(and it does just that).

Ctrl-Shift-T also opens a new tab.
I just installed Take Command v15.01.47 on a 32 bit virtual XP machine that has never had it installed before and it has no such key bindings. In fact, with either key combo, a ¶ character appears on the command line instead.

An interesting couple of asides...

I downloaded it from http://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmd.exe and I'm told that it is a Beta version on startup.

And any open TCC tabs become hidden windows with no console if I click the tab's X or the red X to close Take Command.
That is not the default configuration -- Ctrl-T will only work if you have set the LeftCtrlKey or RightCtrlKey option (and you use that control key).
I have LeftCtrlKey=Yes. Why does Ctrl-Shift-T also open a new tab?
It's the same for other keys. Ctrl-V pastes to the current tab; so does Ctrl-V with any of the seven combinations of Shift, Alt, and Win.

They're not mutually exclusive. If you had an accelerator key defined (i.e., Ctrl-Shift-V), Windows would handle that first. If you *don't* have it defined, TCMD just looks for a matching Ctrl-V. It doesn't bother to check for all of the other invalid keys you might be holding down at the same time.

Was it your hope to press key combinations that wouldn't do anything?

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