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Cursor-up for last command

The one thing that annoys me most about TCC is that hitting <up> is essentially effin random. I want the up arrow to take me to the last command I ran, and down to the previous sequentially.

I'm not sure, but it seems like they ignore when the commands were last run and instead queue them for when they were FIRST run.

Try this:
Dir c: <enter>
dir d: <enter>
<up><enter> (results in dir d: as expected)
<up><up><enter> (this is dir c:)
dir e:<enter>
The first <up> brings "dir e:" as expected. Any guesses as to what the <up> brings up? It's friggin' "dir d:"

That's just wrong. And so very frustrating. If I'm debugging or doing some other regular command, it gets further and further down the stack because JPSoft manages the queue that way.

Please tell me this is configurable.
It's configurable. You probably want nothing checked below, except possibly "Wrap" (when you've cursored to the beginning or end of the history).
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I realize I can utilize something like repeat through past orders. Running the last order basically includes Up + Enter. Notwithstanding, I was considering purchasing the Upbeat Hacking Console as I invest a ton of energy in vim. This console has no bolt keys, and the main way I realize how to get this sort of conduct is by squeezing Ctrl + R and starting to rehash my past order. Is there a simple method to imitate Up + Enter in a UNIX terminal without the bolt keys?
I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Does this have anything to do with TCC/LE? Or any JP Software product?

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