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16.00.37 - Added cut & delete support (TCC tab windows only) to TCMD Edit and popup context menus.

It still doesn't work (as one would expect it to work). After selecting text on the current tabbed TCC command line and choosing "Cut" or "Delete" from the context menu, the selection remains visible (and is pretty hard to get rid of) and the text is still on the TCC command line (evidenced by the fact that "Enter" executes it).
And there is no "Cut" or "Delete" on the "Edit" menu.
TCMD's Help\About says build 37 and the tabbed TCC reports build 37.

At the tabbed TCC prompt, type
Select the text you just typed either with a 2-click or with Shift-Left-Left-Left. Right click and left click on "Cut" or "Delete" (there is no "Cut" or "Delete" on the "Edit" menu). The selected text remains visible and "Enter" causes it (DIR) to be executed.
... and continuing to type deselects, leaving the text there and inserting new text.

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