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Cygwin 64 sticks "on top" of other windows

I'm noticing a few issues with TCC and Cygwin and hoping that I'm just missing some settings or not doing something correctly. I am using the 64 bit Cygwin, not sure if TCC prefers the 32 bit?

First issue I noticed is that TCC doesn't detect any of my Cygwin windows for attaching. If I want a Cygwin window I need to manually run the command in a new tab. Here is the exact command I'm using:

C:\cygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -i /Cygwin-Terminal.ico -

The big and most frustrating issue, however, is the Cygwin windows sticking on top of everything else. When switch to another application via alt+tab, clicking, etc TCC goes to the back but the Cygwin window remains in front. The only way to get it to go back is to do an additional click on the new applications title bar. Clicking inside the application or additional alt+tabs does not force Cygwin back.

Any suggestions for better TCC+Cygwin integration?

Mintty.exe is not a Windows console application. It's no surprise that TCMD doesn't automatically attach to it or that it doesn't work well at all with TCMD. Putty.exe is the same way.
I have the same problem with 32-bit Cygwin on Windows Vista. Mintty.exe is not a console application. The same problem arises with DOSBox/vDOS/dBDOS, as they all use an SDL window, something which TCMD does not support.

You can still run the bash shell in a tabbed window.

Just run bash.exe from your c:\cygwin\bin directory.

Why would you want to use Mintty? It serves the same general purpose as Take Command (wrapping the console windows), but with < 1% of the capabilities. Was there something in particular in Mintty you wanted?

Actually, I'm surprised that a console wrapper running inside another console wrapper works at all. It certainly won't work well.
I'm very new to TCMD, so there is some ignorance on my part. My current workflow uses several CMD windows combined with my preference for a bash environment. So I tend to have 2-3 CMD windows open and 2-3 Cygwin windows open during my day. TCMD seemed like a great approach to organizing both together. I will try the suggestion of running bash.exe inside TCC/CMD.


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