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How to? Debug Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl-A not remapping?)

Version: 17.00.77 x64

I have bindings similar to emacs that have all been working.

I'm not sure what happened but now Ctrl-A is not going to the beginning of the line. It is causing the tab to change from 'TCC Prompt' to 'Select TCC Prompt'. It's not behaving like 'select all' though.

Any way to dump the current keybindings? Any idea if this is a known issue? I've checked my tcmd.ini and the binding is still there - the file is unchanged; and all the other bindings seem to be working.

What did I screw up? :)

Sorry to bump an old thread... this was the only thread that my search turned up which related to my problem, which is what the title says: CTRL-A will not remap.

After upgrading from version (13?)* to version 18, and using the identical tcmd.ini file, in a TCC window, CTRL-A, which previously expanded alias, now simply selects everything in the entire window ("Select All"), and I can't find a way to remove that behavior. I've tried using NormalKey and NormalEditKey directives, to no avail. Please help.

*[Actually, I upgraded the computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and reinstalled TC. I really am not sure what the previous version was.]
Does this happen in a standalone console window, or only in a tab window under Take Command? If the latter, it's not TCC doing it and the relevant settings aren't in the .INI file.
Ah, I get it. It's the new Windows 10 console stuff. Alt-Space, P to open the console properties page, select the Options tab, then turn on the tick box marked "Use legacy console". You may have to restart TCC afterwards.
Charles, thank you, that was very helpful! I replied on Thursday, and I don't understand what happened, or why my reply doesn't appear!

Anyway, I found that deselecting "Enable Ctrl key shortcuts" was sufficient to remove the unwanted behavior.
I seem to recall having trouble with one or another of the new Windows 10 console features, but I can no longer remember exactly which. I just disable the whole lot of 'em. Glad you found something that works for you.
Quick followup as well. This will happen when the shell is hosted by Take Command as well. Just run tcc, or detach a tab so you can get to the property menu. Disable ctrl-keys as noted, and that change will persist into take commands hosted shells as well.

If the console properties window is accessible from inside Take Command, I must have missed it.

(at least for me)

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