Declined Debug without first saving to a file

In the VBSEdit.exe editor for VBScript, I can type lines of code into the editor, and can then single-step debug the code without first having to save it to a file on disk.

This is great when I just want to test some VBScript code, without creating a file.


Would it be possible to add this feature to CMDebug.exe/TCC Debugger?

That is, the ability to debug TCC code without first having to save it to a file on disk?

It actually does save it to a file. Here's the CSCRIPT.EXE command line when I just type some stuff in the editor and start debugging.

cscript.exe //U //D "C:\Users\vefatica\AppData\Local\Adersoft\VbsEdit\Temp\OCDEZEYU.vbs"
Here is my solution to emulate the way VBSEdit starts, so that one can either type or paste code into the CMDebug editor/batch debugger, and start debugging, without first having to save the contents to a file;
@ECHO off
:: BTMEdit.btm
iff %# eq 0 then
  set tmpfile=%@UNIQUE[%temp%]
  set btmfile=%@REPLACE[.tmp,.btm,%tmpfile]
  ren /q %tmpfile %btmfile
  detach cmdebug %btmfile
::    *bdebugger %btmfile
  detach cmdebug %1 %2 %3
Now I can just paste and go, without having to decide on a temporary file name, that I would just have to delete afterwards.