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Debugger menu absent

When I open the debugger the menu does not appear.

No menu.png
Take Command v25.00.21 x64 -- From the Tools menu, I choose Edit/Debug and then Open
Windows 10 [Version 10.0.17763.805]


I end up with two instances on the taskbar:

Window 1.

A sea of black there

Window 2.

The debugger without the menu


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That didn't work. So, I tried deleting the entire JP Software key, and that didn't work either. So I uninstalled and reinstalled Take Command. That didn't work either.

Other ideas?
I notice that there's a "Menu Bar" option in the Customize dialog:

I can't actually change the setting, though. Clicking on the little box just makes a twinkle noise.
The menu is in EnglishD.dll. Assuming that file isn't corrupted, the menu creation & display is all handled by Microsoft's code; why it isn't displaying on your system (and works on everybody else's?) is a mystery.

Are you running any screen managers that might be intercepting the output?

Do you get the same result when you run "BDEBUGGER" from the TCC command line?
I'm running DisplayFusion Pro 9.5, which is a multi-monitor utility. But on another of my machines with both TCMD and DisplayFusion installed, same versions, the debugger menu displays just fine.

Exiting DisplayFusion also makes no difference.

Yes, BDEBUGGER gets the same result.

I could flatten this machine and reinstall everything, but that would be a lot of work. I could run Windows update, but that could result in a lot of work.

I'm thinking I'm going to live with this for now. I might try uninstalling Take Command and then deleting the installation folder in Program Files, then deleting everything in the registry that say JP Software, and then see what happens when I reinstall. Maybe sometime later this week or next.
Might want to consider "C:\ProgramData\JP Software" as well....

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