WAD dedupe /N not recognised.

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d:\pix\facebook>dedupe /?
Delete or sytmlink duplicate files

DEDUPE [ranges] [/A:[[-|+]rhsadecijopt /D /L /N[defjnst] /P /Q /R /S[[+]n] /SHA1 /SHA256 /SHA384 /SHA512 /T /V /W[n]] file
name directory [directory...]
filename The filename to search for (* for everything)
directory The directories (and optionally subdirectories) to search
/A:... (attributes) /R (recycle)
/D (delete) /S[n] (subdirectories)
/L (symlinks) /SHAx (Hash type)
/N (disable) /V (verbose)
/P (prompt) /Wn (wipe)
/Q (quiet)

Sun 31/07/16 00:56:58 pthornton [I7-3610QM]
d:\pix\facebook>dedupe /SHA1 /N *.* D:\pix\facebook
TCC: (Sys) The parameter is incorrect.

I guess not adding /D is the same thing.