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Hello all.

I think I may have found a (syntax) bug...

Looking at command DEDUPE.

According to the help, "/N" = "disable" (this works with many other commands for testing)

But "/N" is described as "change default options". This doesn't match the expected "do nothing" switch.

Here is the difference :


DEDUPE [ranges] [/A:[[-|+]rhsadecijopt /D /L /N[defjnst] /P /Q /R /S[[+]n] /SHA1 /SHA256 /SHA384 /SHA512 /T /V /W[n]] filename directory [directory...]

filename The filename to search for (* for everything)
directory The directories (and optionally subdirectories) to search

/A:... (attributes) /R (recycle)
/D (delete) /S[n] (subdirectories)
/L (symlinks) /SHAx (Hash type)
/N (disable) /V (verbose)
/P (prompt) /Wn (wipe)
/Q (quiet)

DEDUPE excerpt from PDF help file :

/N Change default options. This can be any combination of the following:
d Skip hidden directories (when used with /S)
e Don't display errors
f Don't display the bytes freed in the summary
j Skip junctions (when used with /S)
s Don't display the summary
t Don't update the CD / CDD extended directory search database (JPSTREE.IDX)

I assume this was not done deliberately?

There is no "do nothing" switch for DEDUPE. The /N option must be used in combination with one or more additional characters (defjstz) to disable default actions.

If you want DEDUPE to "do nothing", then simply don't specify one of the additional options (/D, /H, /L, /R, /W) that delete or symlink duplicate files.
Oh I get it.

I now see that I mixed-up "/N (Nothing)" of commands like DEL and REN with "/N (disable)" of DEDUPE.

I wrongfully assumed that any time I saw "/N" in a command, that was to simulate the operation.

Honest mistake, sorry.