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Default directory

I just installed TCC and I have been searching for the last hour for something that seems like it should be simple (and maybe it is and I'm just stupid). I want to change the default directory that I am in after I open TCC from the default shortcut. Right now when I open TCC it dumps me into "C:\Program Files\TCCLE13", which is not very useful. How can I change that default directory to something more useful for me?
Right-click on your shortcut and choose "Properties". Select the "Shortcut" tab. The field labelled "Start in" sets the initial directory.
I just realized that the contents of that link are old! 4START has been replaced by TCSTART. I also modified the first line to be:
if %_pipe != 0 .or. %_transient != 0 .or. %_ide != 0 quit

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