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WAD DELAY doesn't always

Some time ago there was a thread regarding DELAY - it was reported, IIRC by Vince, that issuing the DELAY command does not always delay execution of the next command. I am still struggling with it in 13.04.54 on WinXP SP3 platforms (32b). My code uses a DELAY 5 after detecting an event to allow the user 5s to choose an action; ofter the delay does not take place.
Sorry, complaint withdrawn. My problem is a timing issue - at what point in a fast loop another process creates a message window. If the new window is first detected during the 1ms when the 200-ms loop is just cycling, it skips the delay. My own bad design! It is like trying to determine current date and time by looking at %_date just before midnight, but at %_time at or after midnight.

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