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Desktop customization is ignored by v19

v18 followed desktop personalization on Windows 10, but v19 does not. Instead I get the ugly Windows 10 default.

In addition, when the All Apps menu is populated, Take Command is applied twice - once in the tcmd folder and once alone. Only the standalone is displayed.
V19 has a new interface with Explorer. Try adjusting TCMD's Options\Style\Themes.
Funny, I've never chosen a theme, but it seems I was using Office 2010 Silver without knowing it. :) After upgrading from Win 7, I found that Win 10 looked stark and ugly. I changed it within hours. Besides, blue is usually considered a depressing color and green relaxing. :smile:

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As for the All Apps anomaly, it's easily fixed manually for those of us obsessive about neatness.

Go to ProgramData > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu

Delete the Take Command shortcut.

Another shortcut already exists where it should be: ProgramData > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs > TCMD19_x64

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