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Did enumservers break?

I've relied on the enumservers to list machines on my network for a while, but I don't use it often. Today I tried a simple command "enumservers", and all it ever gives me is:

TCC: (Sys) The network name cannot be found.

Did it break recently or something? None of the variants I've tried (e.g., specifying the type, providing a name, etc.) return anything else. For the record, I'm running the following version:

TCC 25.00.28 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.720]
TCC Build 28 Windows 10 Build 18362

That's not the latest and greatest, seeing how v26 is now out, but it still ought to work I should think. Any ideas?
Are you in the same place where it used to work? Or are you, like many of us, suddenly working from home?
I've always worked from home, so I'm in the same place it used to work just fine. Very same network, very same computers. I never remember the parameters, so I wrote aliases/batch files years ago, and they failed when I tried them today. That led me back to the command itself, which is now failing when it used to work just fine.
As a follow-up, I found a machine that still has v24 of TakeCommand installed and tried the command there as well: it has the same issue. That makes me think all the more it's a Windows 10 issue of some kind, seeing as that machine also has Windows 10 Pro x64 with all the latest patches.

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