Did enumservers break?

Aug 28, 2008
I've relied on the enumservers to list machines on my network for a while, but I don't use it often. Today I tried a simple command "enumservers", and all it ever gives me is:

TCC: (Sys) The network name cannot be found.

Did it break recently or something? None of the variants I've tried (e.g., specifying the type, providing a name, etc.) return anything else. For the record, I'm running the following version:

TCC 25.00.28 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.18362.720]
TCC Build 28 Windows 10 Build 18362

That's not the latest and greatest, seeing how v26 is now out, but it still ought to work I should think. Any ideas?
Aug 28, 2008
I've always worked from home, so I'm in the same place it used to work just fine. Very same network, very same computers. I never remember the parameters, so I wrote aliases/batch files years ago, and they failed when I tried them today. That led me back to the command itself, which is now failing when it used to work just fine.
Aug 28, 2008
As a follow-up, I found a machine that still has v24 of TakeCommand installed and tried the command there as well: it has the same issue. That makes me think all the more it's a Windows 10 issue of some kind, seeing as that machine also has Windows 10 Pro x64 with all the latest patches.
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